Laser Engraving 101

There are so many things to love about a personalized gift. It’s meaningful, unique, and something you can keep forever. Our favorite way to personalize products is through laser engraving. Here at K&J Keepsakes, we personalize and test our products with laser engraving right in house. The laser engraving process is delicate, something that needs pinpoint accuracy, which we always have. Want to know more about this special craft? Keep reading to learn laser engraving 101!

Tell Them How You Feel with Engraving

Sometimes it can be so hard to find that perfect gift, you know? You don’t want something cheesy or generic, but you also don’t want to drain your bank account. If this describes you, you should consider a laser engraved gift! You can choose personalization with laser engraving on a huge variety of products. You’re sure to find the perfect fit! Check out our laser engraving process below.

How It Works: Laser engraving is an intricate process that elevates any gift for any occasion from ordinary to super personal. It’s also a process that we at K&J Keepsakes have utterly perfected. When the laser touches the material, it exposes it to a lot of heat, leaving a mark. It’s basically like a really tiny burn. Depending on how long the laser stays on the area, the color of the area may change or the material itself might evaporate. Regardless of how long the laser engraving process takes, the mark will be permanent.

Why It’s A Great Choice: We recommend laser engraving because of the lasting personalization it gives products. Your friends and family will want to keep their engraved gift forever to remember that special time in their life, whether it’s a wedding or Mother’s Day. Engravings also look great on kid’s accessories and decor. And when they’re older, store these items in a keepsake box for when they’re grown with their own kids. Engravings are permanent so you don’t have to worry about the message fading or rubbing away over time. This gift could become your next family heirloom after our laser engraving process! And with our premium quality products, we guarantee your happiness.

Engrave A Treasure

At K&J Keepsakes we don’t just make gifts, we make memories! From our family to yours, we promise love and care in the making of your item. Make sure to follow us on social media and connect with us on Facebook or Instagram to show off your favorite memories! Shop with us today.